Community of Poor Clare Colettines

About our Monastery

The Poor Clare Monastery is situated next door to Our Lady's Church in Bulwell. The Poor Clares are the only Enclosed Contemplative Community of Sisters in the Nottingham Diocese.

The Monastery was founded in 1927 and pre-dates the building of the present Church in Bulwell and the Sisters have always been involved in the life of our parish community. Some of the parish weekday Masses are offered in the Convent Chapel and the Sisters share in the spiritual life of our parish in many ways.

Poor Clares Monasteries are individual and unique as is each sister in them, there are no two alike.. and that is how the Holy Spirit works

The Poor Clare Family

The Poor Clare Sisters number over 20,000 sisters throughout the world in 16 federations and in over 70 countries.

Most monasteries have from four to thirteen members. Some have larger communities but the Poor Clare charism is one of family and St. Clare guided us that small communities were much better to keep this family spirit than larger ones. So when a community gets to a certain number we usually start new ones rather than just keep getting bigger.

Just one of the differences you will see as you walk with us.

Love God, serve God; everything is in that. ~ St. Clare of Assisi