Our Work

Community of Poor Clare Colettines

The Sisters’ work-day involves the general maintenance of the Monastery – housework, laundry, cooking, gardening, arranging the flowers for the Chapel. All the usual jobs a family needs to do to keep their home clean and welcoming.

The Sisters make their own Christmas Cards and notecards etc. which they sell in their Gift Shop/Repository.

Each day the Sisters receive letters from all over the world with prayer requests, and replying to these is a large part of their apostolate.  The Sisters receive alms through this apostolate and are mainly supported financially in this way.  They daily pray for those who through their own sacrifice to help them make their contemplative life possible.

Our body is not made of iron. Our strength is not that of stone.
Live and hope in the Lord, and let your service be according to reason. ~ Clare of Assisi