Community of Poor Clare Colettines

Have you ever wondered if you have a vocation to be a Poor Clare?

Is this you?

Your life is going well, but something is missing. You are a single, Catholic woman who is actively seeking God’s presence in your life. You are serious about your spiritual growth.

You read and pursue interests in your Catholic faith, but you want to give your faith life more time and effort.

You are living comfortably with your faith in the Catholic Church and contribute time and energy serving others. However, you continue to be drawn to more prayer and solitude in your life.

You are not sure how to respond to your desires.

You are happy with your work and social life, but you recognize the value of community life.

You are not sure how you will fit in with other women in community, but you want to experience the support of a group that shares your spiritual values.

If you want more information on Poor Clare Community life then why not make contact and arrange a visit?

You can do this through the contact page on this website if you would like to learn more about our order and the Rule of St Clare

We are to become vessels of God’s compassionate love for others. ~ St. Clare of Assisi