Who we are

Community of Poor Clare Colettines

The vows of a Poor Clare

The first thing you need to know is that a Poor Clare is a nun usually living in one monastery for her whole life. She takes solemn vows that can only be dispensed by Rome. The Poor Clares are a contemplative order founded by St. Clare of Assisi who was inspired by St. Francis. Clare was the first woman to write a Rule for other women and this Rule is still followed today by Poor Clares all over the world.

Rule of St. Clare

" The form of life of the Order of the Poor Sisters ... is this:

to observe the holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by living in obedience, without possessing anything as my own and in chastity."


One of the distinctive marks of our way of life is our choice of enclosure. Saint Clare chose to live an enclosed life before it became a canonical requirement for contemplative women religious. After a sister enters the monastery, she will not leave except for “a useful, reasonable, evident, and approved purpose.” We each choose enclosure as a way of expressing our desire to love totally and to live totally for God and God’s people.

St Clare's Blessing

Always be lovers of your souls and those of all your sisters.
And may you always be eager to observe what you have promised the Lord.
May the Lord always be with you and may you always be with Him

Prefer the Lord’s advice to the advice of others and consider it more precious to you than any gift. ~ St. Clare of Assisi